anaheke metua

Anaheke Metua

Fibre Artist / Environmental & Arts Worker

Anaheke Metua is a young Maori woman from Aoeteroa (NZ), descendant of the Nga Te Rangi tribe, Mt Maunganui, River Waikato, Maataatua - waka (canoe). Anaheke is granddaughter of Ititana Metua and the late Amy Smith and third and youngest daughter of Janice Smith.

Over the last 15 years Anaheke has woven together a tapestry of interests and skills in the areas of Indigenous Wisdom, Cultural Arts, Environmental Education and Wholisitic Living. Her formal training in Yoga, Visual Arts, Permaculture, Horticulture and Organic Farming have given her a range of life skills used as a strong foundation on which to live her life. Anaheke honors and respects the wisdom of Indigenous Cultures committed to passing on their deep and profound understanding of the rhythms, cycles and mysteries of our natural world.

In all of her work, intrinsically woven are the cycles of birth, growth, full bloom, harvest, decay, death and rebirth. After years of observing these natural rhythms she has emerged as a passionate advocate for women's health, wellbeing and empowerment.

For many years, Anaheke has been committed to living a life full of ritual and ceremony and has developed her facilitation skills through hosting monthly Women's Circles across SEQLD and NNSW. After recently completing the Global Rites of Passage Leadership Training with Dr Arne Rubinstein she is inspired to weave the Rites of Passage framework into her dynamic and colourful life's work.

A seasoned facilitator and presenter and now an exhibiting artist, Anaheke is competent in teaching a range of interdisciplinary skills to all ages which she has co-ordinated and delivered at events such as The Red Tent Gathering, Being Woman, The Woodford Folk Festival, The Planting, The Dreaming, Floating Lands, Lines in the Sand, Island Vibe and many more.

Currently she works both as a Contemporary Fibre Artist and as the School Garden Educator at Brunswick Heads Primary School teaching children about the wonders and magic of the natural world and it's cycles and offering Permaculture and Organic Gardening to the next generation.

Anaheke is dedicated to creating space for women to share their stories in the safe and nurturing setting of the women's circle. Prepared with years of personal research into the mysteries and power of a woman's blood cycle and all the associated benefits, Anaheke has a compassionate and creative approach to relating to teenage girls transitioning into womanhood.


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