About us

Sustainable Dreaming - connecting Indigenous, earth-based wisdoms and emerging sustainable practices through projects and people.
We are collective of artists & Cultural ambassadors that work across various fields, towards a common goal – co-creating a healthy future by utilizing new sustainable innovations whilst honoring and learning from the cultures and custodians who have come before us.
We offer creative workshops, media production & training, event work, retreats and much more. For individual artists bios please visit our 'Who' page.
"...its about sustaining our culture, keeping our dreaming alive in a rapidly changing world..."

- Ruth Langford, Yorta Yorta Custodian, Founding member

"We are all custodians of the planet now. Every action we take offers us a choice – does that action damage or care for country and culture? One element of Sustainable Dreaming is about empowering custodianship, and supporting those who are using both ancient technologies, and new ones."

- Nikki Michail, Filmmaker, Founding member


Our main areas of focus are: